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Who we are

Our Website address is: (“we,” “us,” or the “Company”) provides service, which main focus is on the gathering, comparing, evaluating, and structuring information about various online casinos and the products, they’re offering. 

The privacy policy shall be read with our terms and conditions. All definitions herein shall have the meaning assigned to them in our Terms and Conditions. This privacy policy contains all the information about how we collect the data and why. And all this privacy policy of the company shall apply to all the users who access our Website. The basis on which we are doing so:-

  • If you use our Services, we process your data to provide you with the service
  • If we have a legitimate interest in processing data, such as to identify you when you access our Website;
  • We will also process your data when you provide us with duly consent or in case you required from us proceed it;

If you have any queries related to any topic, you can contact us [email protected]

We collected data types. Purpose of use:-

On, Here we collect the following types of data:-

Non-Personal Data:-

This type of information is only gathered through the user to use our Website. This data doesn’t contain or give us any of the personal data in any way. The data we collect here are:- Name, Email, Mobile No., Etc.

Personal Data:-

It is the information that helps to recognizes the user, And here we don’t collect any of the personal information like Adhaar Card, Bank Details, Etc.


We use cookies and other tracking tools. This is standard industry-wide practice. What “cookies” actually are is a small, often encrypted text file that is Website assigns, and these are stored here on your computer when you view our Website. Cookies are not viruses. They are very important, helpful, and have various purposes.

Several types of cookies have been given below:-

Essential, Functionality, Operation & Security Cookies:-

This cookie is very important and plays a very deep role in the Website, if this cookie is not there, we can’t use the site, this is here for the proper functioning of the site, and some security reasons for the file. It also prevents fraud and user data.

Analytics, Measurement & Performance Cookies:-

This cookie is here to improve our site’s performance and the improvement of the data we gave to the users. This cookie is there to gather the data on how the user uses our Website so that we can see the recommendations and the user likes to surf.

Targeting & Advertising Cookies:-

These cookies are used for advertising across the internet and for displaying relevant advertisements, customized for users, based on the parts of the Website they have to interact mostly with,

Period of Data Keeping:-

We retain the data we have collected for as long as needed to provide our service, or until we have a legitimate interest under the applicable legislation, or until an individual request us to delete its Personal Data, as detailed below.

Data Security:-

We take great care to maintain our Website’s security so we could safeguard your Data from unauthorized access or use. However, no data transmitted through the Internet is 100% secure and safe from malicious acts. That’s why we cannot be held responsible for any losses due to such unauthorized activities. If you feel that your privacy was treated not in accordance with our Privacy Policy, or if any person attempted to abuse our Website or acted inappropriately, contact us at [email protected]

Minors Prevention:-

It is strictly forbidden for the children who are underage means less than 18 years are minor, Here we have the right to assure and ask some certification and proofs so that the children under 18 years should stay away from these casino websites, and if anyone knows that the minors have been attached to this Website they can contact us to [email protected]

Amending The Privacy Policy:-

We have the right to change or amend these privacy policies at any time, so it is requested to all the users that have visited this page or Website, kindly check the “Last Revised” heading on the top of this section so that the user doesn’t get affected or violated because of our rules and regulations that have been changed or Amended. Following the display of such a modified Privacy Policy, constitutes your acknowledgment and consent of such amendments and your agreement to be bound by the terms of such amendments.

If you have any further questions regarding this Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us at:

Address of our company; or

via our Contact Us form located in the footer of each page within our websites; or

please send us an email: [email protected]

Data Protection Officer:-

If you have any requests or query regarding your data, which have not been answered by this Privacy Policy, including requests to Remove, Delete, Update, Modify or Transfer the Personal Data, do not hesitate to contact our DPO at [email protected]